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Piano Lessons in London

Are you wondering how to start learning piano? Well, then our piano teachers in London have the answer to your problem! We are proud to offer online piano lessons in London to all of our current and future students! We can share tutorials and informational resources through online piano lessons!

Our piano teachers have all the materials and skills you need to continue your piano progress. All the classes and resources make us the best online learning platform.

How we teach piano lessons?

Our individual piano and keyboard instructors can teach both beginners and intermediate levels. Our piano and keyboard instructors can help students succeed by teaching them folk songs while applying basic concepts and skills such as finger placement, scaling, pedaling, key discrimination, and rhythm. Suited Tutor believes in offering students a one-to-one piano lesson program that not only teaches students to play the keyboard and piano correctly and effectively but also enjoys the process.

Piano lessons

We offer piano lessons in east London for all ages and all skill levels, from the comfort of your home!

Our lessons focus on both; learning to play the piano and teaching the music theory that our students need to create a solid foundation for higher-level musical notions. Our tutors have flexible hours of availability tailored to your schedule. We will compile individual piano classes in London for the student, according to his or her goals, and invite him to work at a pace that suits him.

Our piano teachers work with students on:

Music theory.

Scales and chordal work.

Ear training.


Learn both solo pieces and to play piano along with other music. 

Our piano lessons are individually set up and tailor-made for each student as per their needs. For our beginners, we start with basic skills like scales, rhythm, music reading, chords, and other important musical theories. Our piano instructors design a curriculum based on students’ goals and at a pace that suits them.

Intervention in advanced piano lessons.

If the student has completed the early stages of training, our proficient piano tutors will take the time to evaluate their skill level, make sure they have a solid understanding of the essential foundations of music theory, and tailor the program according to their needs depending on their goals.

Styles of piano music.

At Suited Tutor, we have dedicated piano instructors who can teach students in whatever style they prefer, from classical to jazz or to any other piano style. Our piano instructors have all the experience and proficiencies for you!

All of our piano teachers are well equipped to help you play the piano online. Our tutors can play and teach a wide range of styles, from classical to pop music to any other. Our piano department can show you the basics of playing, how to read sheet music, and how to express yourself from the luxury of your home! We have some of the finest piano tutors in London, and they can’t wait to get started with you!​

Call us today to get in touch with one of our expert piano instructors and get your piano playing right away!