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French Tutors in London

Are you looking for tutoring in French? Then Suited Tutor can be the right place for you! Our support concept for French tutoring is to look after our students individually and gently introduce them to the world of the French language.

Many students use private French tuition in London each year. Indeed, even if for many, it is their mother tongue, the fact remains that the rules of grammar, the structure of texts, and reading comprehension are difficult for many.

Our French online classes in London are about getting to know the country and the people and understanding the language. Vocabulary and grammar form the basis, but cultural studies and practical exercises in French tutoring also arouse a child’s interest in the foreign language. With the help of our talented French tutors in London, our students can improve their French grades in no time.

Learning French with a Suited Tutor!

In order to help students overcome their reading and writing difficulties, our tutors adapt their lessons to the specific needs of the student. Whether on a weekly basis (homework help, study help, tutoring, remedial schooling, summer courses) or ad hoc (preparation for an exam), the meetings will be focused on your academic success.

The French tutors at Suited Tutor use several effective tools that make the student appreciate French. Verbs, chords, and spelling become simpler, and children’s grades gradually increase.

Oral communication, reading, writing, vocabulary, spelling, conjugation, grammar, syntax, reading comprehension, writing, appreciation of literary works, etc., French has no secrets for our French tutor services in London. Does your child need help in French? Contact us, and we will provide them with the assistance they need to improve their results and succeed in French.

We offer individual support and follow-up in French to every student, at home or online. A tutor specializing in French will provide them with private, personalized, and unique support to help them with their homework, work on the concepts covered during their French lessons, overcome difficulties, consolidate learning, prevent academic delay, develop skills in learning, propose effective working methods and provide enrichment.

This is how learning languages ​​is fun

In French tutoring at Suited Tutor, your child is not only encouraged but also challenged: because the basis for language learning is hard work. Vocabulary and grammar have to be right in order to learn to speak French. In our French tuitions in London, your child will learn the right learning and working techniques and benefit from our recommended learning combination of face-to-face tutoring and online learning.

Competent and creative: our French tutors

There are foreign languages ​​that students like to learn. And then there are those who tend to be lower on the popularity scale. French is in the latter category. It is still the second most frequently taught foreign language. But more and more students vote them out in higher grades. Many consider French to be elitist and difficult. This Francophobia is often reflected in bad grades. However, our French online classes in London show children and young people that learning French can be fun too. Practical and realistic exercises will quickly ensure a casual use of French. 

Whether it is for homework help, remediation, exam preparation, or enrichment in French, Our team is at your disposal to support your child in achieving his academic goals as well as to develop his motivation and confidence in French. Of course, our French tutors are extremely well trained. Together we will help your child get a better grade in French step by step.