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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Tutor to Save the Day

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Tutor to Save the Day

Let’s face it, being a student nowadays can be tough, if not very very challenging! Many people expect the world from you! First and foremost, your parents, then your relatives, including your friends (to name a few), as if it is so easy-peasy to juggle with so many tasks. Let us pencil down a few daily tasks: going to school, then attending extra-curricular activities, then having your parents signing you up with after school club activities. Before you put me on a pedestal, I know that ‘sounds so fun', right?


Nevertheless, the truth is, being a student is more than that. How about cramming some fun activities or have some spare time solely for yourself? ‘Hm, these are the best days of my teenage-hood, yay’.


Having said that having so many activities, such as joining school clubs, dancing classes, singing sessions, learning a new foreign language and so on, can be a bit overwhelming, and thereby the pressure starts building up!! ‘That’s right, just bring it on’!


As a result, this is the perfect moment that you should start considering some help from the experts, referring to some fit for purpose tutors, who will be catering to your learning pace and expectations. Acquiring some help from a tutor, who is familiar with your school’s syllabus, has prior teaching experience, he/she is passionate about the subject’s curriculum and has academic qualifications; adds up to the perfect formula! ‘Not referring to any witty Mathematical equations, well at least not yet’.


To help you figure out your dream tutor, here are our top 5 signs to look out for: (don’t worry, you will thank us later).


1. Struggling to Manage Your Time


Let us commence with the very basics. Are you feeling like a busy bee, since your schedule is packed with so many extra-curricular activities, which may intervene with your school liabilities? Do you often find yourself losing many hours of your beauty-sleep, before sitting any exams? Do you feel like the world is crumbling in front of your eyes, when you listen to words such ‘tests’ or ‘deadlines’? Well, if the answer is ‘yes’ to any of them, then please do yourself a favour and reach out to an experienced tutor, who will get up to speed and help you fully understand the school materials.



2. You are a bit Too Shy to Raise your Hand in Class


Let us be honest; in a school class there are at least 15 of your classmates, who may look down on you if you ask too many questions, or at worst - label you with names. (‘That’s not fun, is it?’). Therefore, you may feel a bit discouraged to make the bold move and raise your hand.

‘Do not worry, I have got your back; I was once labelled the King of Nerds, as I could not stop myself from asking so many questions. Guess what, that’s absolutely fine to be intelligent’.


In the case, you are a bit too shy to ask questions, then you can address your concerns with a tutor, who will support you and dedicate him/her time to help you ask questions more accurately.



3. Not a Massive Fan of a Particular Subject


Please do excuse me, as I am miles away - if you endeavour to compare me with Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein. If only we could be exceptional and astounding all-rounders, by excelling on every single subject. Please do correct, I am not trying to incite that such prodigies do not exist. Usually, if we do not like a certain subject, such as Mathematics or Physics, we tend to be a bit disengaged, not participate in the class and subsequently our grades appear to drop.


Personally speaking, I was a bottom grade performer at Maths, but thanks to my role model, referring to my Maths tutor, who loved teaching more than anything else, he invigorated my perception about Maths. ‘Guess in which discipline I eventually graduated from’?



4.  Your Grades Appear a bit ‘Pale’


Should you encounter a situation, out of which your grades appear to drop, due to lack of commitment, distractions or maybe feeling a bit confused, then please do not despair. A highly qualified tutor can help you underline your areas of improvement and plan out some strategies to get you back on your feet.



5.  Facing some Personal Issues


Frankly speaking, we humans have to deal with so many unpredicted hurdles and cope with so many family issues, which may deviate our attention from our core goals; get top-notch grades, to secure a place at one of the most prominent universities, on a global scale.


Furthermore, not everyone is very financially prestigious, thereby he/she has to study and simultaneously help his/her parents or have a part-time job, to uphold their families’ expenses. Such situations may hinder or distract you from focusing 100% on your principal goals. Rest assured though, as a tutor can imminently dive in and help you catch up, for all of those missed classes.



Final words of wisdom


Remember that it is absolutely fine to reach out your hand and get some steering guidelines from a tutor, no matter how challenging or difficult your circumstances may be. Besides, your tutor can be your mentor and help you achieve your goals!


Would you agree with all of the outlined tips, as mentioned above? What would you personally advise?


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With love,

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