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A Step by Step Guide To Help Shy Kids to Make Many Friends at School

A Step by Step Guide To Help Shy Kids to Make Many Friends at School

We have all been through challenging situations, as kids, struggling to initiate conversations at school with other people around. Between you and I, my experience as a primary school student - was quite unforgettable! I will never forget the first time I introduced myself to my school mates, and foremost the reaction I got from them.

Rest assured, as we have come up with a great and easy to follow through guide, called: "A step by step guide to help shy kids to make many friends at school" - boosting the children's confidence and helping them to socialise, whilst having fun. Sounds simple, right?

Have a look at our guide below and let us know what you think:


 1.  Use Great Conversation Starters to Get Chatting


It can be quite frustrating as a young kid, moving into a new town, starting a new school, and on top of that having no familiar faces, to make you feel like home. Here are some of our golden tips to get you chatting with new classmates in no time. Besides, who knows what can plausibly happen in the future? Maybe those individuals could be your potential lifelong friends!


•   Forgot my pen. Can I borrow any of yours?

•   Are you living far away from our school?

•   Who is your favourite teacher?

•   What is your favourite colour?


2.  Spend Time with your Friends' Mates


Spending time with friends of your friends can be the easiest way, to greet and be part of a friendly and welcoming community. It is prudent to say that it is less embarrassing to have someone else to break the ice, and ultimately introduce you to the rest of the group. Phew.. something less to worry about!


3.  Approach Someone Who is On Their Own


It's nearly break time, and the bell is ringing to signal everyone to get outside, breathe some fresh air and stretch a muscle. But guess what; there may be some people, who are as timid and shy as you, which is absolutely fine; and by thinking on the bright side, those individuals who are in a similar situation like yours, can be more approachable to start a conversation, rather than a larger group. Just go and say 'hey' or 'hi'. Trust me, you will thank me later.


4.  Find Common Interests 


People tend to lean on and open up to those individuals who have something in common. It does not have to be necessarily the same hobby, but it can be as little as liking the same colour, playing the same sports activity or wearing the same cool shoes. By the way, I love your shoes!


5.  Be Kind and Approachable


Most of us tend to reciprocate the same treatment we receive from others. In other words, if you are being nice to people, they are more likely to be nice to you. On top of that, if you act in a positive manner, smile and genuinely compliment others; chances are tilting in your favour. 

Oh, and by the way, a good compliment goes a long way.... (please do not ask me how far).


6.  Ask Open-Ended Questions


When you start engaging with others, by using open-ended questions, such as 'how was the trip to the Maldives with your family' or 'what do you like doing the most with your grandparents', then such questions - can generate so many different food for thought scenarios? To be blunt, the sky is your limit!


On the other hand, if you ask someone a closed type question, for instance 'do you like eating ice cream' or 'do you happen to know the time', then such questions will lead to a limited number of set answers. 


Coming back to you... did you enjoy in the slightest the article you read, as seen as above? Any type of feedback is perceived as constructive feedback for us :)

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